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I started in aviation maintenance some 40 years ago as a British European Airways technician apprentice. I went on to work in the UK and abroad as a licensed aircraft engineer.


My last industry position as Manager of a Technical Services Department provided me with the knowledge and understanding of the commercial aspects of aviation operations. When I joined the UK Civil Aviation Authority in 1989 I took on the responsibility for the oversight of a range of approved organisations and airworthiness tasks.


I led and participated in the development of policy, procedures and changes to the regulations. I represented JAA, and later EASA, for 10 years on the Bombardier CRJ Maintenance Review Board. In 2010 I took early retirement from the CAA to form a company offering independent advice and training to the aviation sector


In 2011 Tony and I combined our skills and experience to offer a broader knowledge base to our clients.

Malcolm McMillan - Airworthiness Consultant and Director

I am a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.


My aviation career started over 40 years ago as an apprentice with British Airways and through to being a Certifying Engineer with various Commercial Air Transport Operators before joining the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as an Airworthiness Surveyor in 1989. During the 20 years I spent working for CAA I was responsible for the project management of several significant safety initiatives and new regulation implementations


I left CAA to start my own consultancy and training business in 2009 and in 2011 I joined forces with Malcolm to co-direct VR Aviation Safety Partnership Ltd.


The combination of our two backgrounds, knowledge and experience is an obvious benefit. It is true what they say “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

Tony Heather - Airworthiness Consultant and Director

"Commitment, Partnership & Integrity"


We are committed to the success of our partner clients through the delivery of a high standard of service, aiming to surpass their expectations.


We believe the needs of our clients are realised by partnership through a close working relationship and effective communication.


We undertake to conduct all our business interactions with the highest level of integrity.

With our experience and knowledge we provide solutions which achieve compliance in a cost effective manner.

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VR Aviation Safety Partnership Ltd is a respected aviation and airworthiness consultancy and training organisation based in Nottingham.


Staffed by former UK CAA airworthiness surveyors, they can guide you through the process of regulation compliance, achieving full and cost effective compliance - through the application of their knowledge and experience. Why not call us today?


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